Our Services

We provide more than just crane hire


Auckland Cranes has a fleet of 50+ cranes ranging from 2.5T to 450T, including mobile cranes, mini crawler cranes, and self-erecting tower cranes. Our fleet is available for wet or dry hire, manned or unmanned hire, and casual or term hire. We service all sized jobs, from small residential and commercial lifts to major construction and infrastructure projects, as well in process or refinery facilities for resources and energy clients.


Auckland Cranes provides more than just crane hire. We have a highly experienced in-house engineering team for any level of technical demands. Whether for a confined site area, avoiding above ground obstacles, complex shaped loads, or complicated rigging arrangements – Auckland Cranes can carry out site inspections and analyse conditions in AutoCAD (2D) or Inventor (3D) to find the best lifting solution.


For complicated and oversized lifts, Auckland Cranes owns a wide range of adjustable spreader bars, lifting beams, material cages, kibbles and man boxes. All equipment is bench test certified, inspected and maintained to the relevant New Zealand Standards and Codes of Practice. If the correct item isn’t in our rigging store, we have in-house capability to design, detail, manufacture and certify the necessary item.


Riggers and dogman are responsible for rigging the loads and signalling the crane driver. They are vital to ensuring safety on site. Often machines such as printing presses, lathe, brake presses, etc. can’t be lifted by a crane inside a building but they do need to be safely installed or relocated. We can provide the machinery along with qualified and experienced riggers and dogman to work with your staff on site.


Auckland Cranes has extensive experience in heavy equipment salvage. When the worst happens and salvage is required, it is critical high value assets are salvaged without causing more damage to the equipment or environment. Auckland Cranes has the right equipment, existing processing and extensive experience in handling these complex and high pressure situations.


Auckland Cranes specialises in precast erection. As well as erecting concrete precast panels, our team is also experienced with the erection of fabricated structural steel.


Auckland Cranes has a range of trucks fitted with knuckleboom (e.g. HIAB) truck-loading cranes for your lifting and shifting needs. They are used to lift, move your load from A to B and unload all in one as the truck can load itself. These are perfect if large machinery or equipment needs relocating or shifting from one location to another. Our units have moved anything from spas, pools, portable buildings, machinery and bulky equipment to name a few. Based on your needs, our team will recommend you one of our range that best suits your requirements including Rear-Mount, Front-Mount and Tractor-Mount with semi-trailer.


Our Self-Erectors are a perfect alternative to traditional Tower Cranes. Ideal for low rise construction sites, Auckland Cranes Self Erectors are a more compact solution requiring less room on your job site and have simple foundation requirements. Able to service lifting up to 20m height (38m in luffing mode) and up to 45m radius in a 360 degree range, our Self-Erectors are a well-suited option for clients who don’t have a lot of site room for a crane and who seek a lower cost tower crane alternative. Self-Erectors are great for lightweight construction and delivering building components and materials to elevated levels – all controlled by one operator (who may be a suitably qualified member of the construction team).