Delivering safe lifting solutions


Safety sits at the heart of everything we do. Auckland Cranes’ number one priority is delivering safe lifting solutions resulting in zero harm. Every lift we complete takes into consideration the safety of your team and ours, as well as the wider public, to ensure we always deliver a solution that gets the job done safely.


We believe all workplace incidents are preventable through the systematic identification, elimination and control of hazards. Our in-house maintenance team ensure our fleet is safely well-maintained. Most importantly, we go beyond compliance to ensure an all-inclusive, positive safety culture.

Safety is the responsibility of all team members at Auckland Cranes. We use the DuPont STOP program to encourage our team to engage in ongoing authentic conversations about health, safety and environment. The Stop, Think, Observe and Plan approach is a behavioural-based safety program that facilitates a culture of hazard identification, elimination and control of an individual’s work as well as that of their co-workers.