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Liebherr MK88-4.1 Plus – New to the Auckland Cranes Fleet

JUST LANDED – Brand new to the Auckland Cranes fleet, welcome the strongest 4-axle crane on the market, the Liebherr MK88-4.1 Plus. Perfect for densely populated cities, the compact and manoeuvrable design of the MK88-4.1 is highly adaptable for tricky to access areas. Get in touch with the team on 9-277 2227 or to book in the MK88-4.1 for your next project!


The Liebherr MK88-4.1 is the biggest and strongest 4-axle crane on the market. This mobile construction crane has a range of different configurations and maximises its compact size to erect in difficult to access areas. The MK88-4.1 is ideal for use in:

  • Urban and night sites
  • Wood, steel and hall construction
  • Refineries and chemical plants
  • Antenna construction
  • Roof refurbishment and greening
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Window and facade construction
  • High-bay shelving construction
  • Bridge and road building
  • Maintenance and repair work
  • Prefabricated component and house construction
  • Erection work
  • Site preparations
  • etc.


Fast Facts about the MK88-4.1

      • Highest hook height: 59.1 m II Maximum radius: 45.0 m

      • Maximum lifting capacity at the jib head: 2200 kg (with additional ballast)

      • High erection curve // Luffed positions: 15°, 30° and 45°

      • Can be erected by only one man in 11 minutes (after being raised onto its supports)


For more information, you can download the crane information brochures here:

Liebherr MK88-4.1 Plus – Information Pack

Liebherr MK88-4.1 Datasheet specifications 



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